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That heavenly feel: Van Heusen’s new wedding window story

By N Jayalakshmi | November 24, 2023

Van Heusen’s new Wedding 2.0 windows resonate with the brand proposition that life is a series of celebrations. Here’s a look. 

Marriages they say are made in heaven. But to convey the spirit of marriage on earth requires decor that is heavenly in its impact! And nothing like the right Visual Merchandising  (VM) props to convey weddings and the spirit of romance, especially when the brand in question has a collection that is all about wedding styles.   

Van huesen store

Van Heusen’s new Wedding 2.0 windows celebrate the idea of celebration itself with the tag line: ‘Styled in Heaven!’ As Akash Ashesh, General Manager - VM, Van Heusen, says, “The brand understands that life is a series of celebrations, each unique and special in its own way. From ceremonies and weddings to elegant cocktail parties, the Garment Collection aims to provide its customers with a versatile and exquisite collection that caters to every occasion. The Wedding 2.0 window display has been meticulously crafted to align with The Garment’s diverse Collections, catering to three distinct occasions: weddings, ceremonies, and cocktails.”

Vanhusen store look

As Akash informs, the window design has been strategically planned to change in sync with the three drops of the collection. Thus the first collection was showcased from 15th October to 15th November, followed by the second drop from 16th November to 15th December, and finally, the third drop from 16th December to 15th January. “Each duration features a unique set of props and garments, ensuring a captivating and immersive experience for customers. This thoughtful approach guarantees that the window display remains fresh and enticing throughout the entire collection period,” says Akash. 

Van husen store window mannequin

To resonate with the theme, the design team has chosen a palette of rich colors, including luxurious gold tones, complemented by tasteful neutral shades. To maintain brand consistency, the display incorporates the eye-catching Brand ID coffee gold colour. Props such as elegant curtains, tables adorned with delicate glassware and exquisite flowers, and gleaming wedding rings lend the touch of romance.  Strategic play of dramatic lighting, casting alluring shadows, elevates the ambience, while a specially designed easel, adds to the impact. 

van Heusen store look

Akash further shares the window execution details and the challenges involved, “As each drop brings its own unique theme and collection, meticulous attention is given to the placement of special props and the overall styling of the window, ensuring that it perfectly encapsulates the essence of each drop. The window is constantly monitored, with changes made as necessary to maintain the appeal. From the arrangement of props to the selection of colours and lighting, every element is carefully considered to create the right visual experience that aligns with the theme of the collection. The team at The Garment Collection remains vigilant, ensuring that the window display remains enchanting until the next theme takes its place.”

The Wedding 2.0 windows roll-out began on October 15 and will go on till January 15. They have been successfully executed at 437 stores PAN India.

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West:- Lotus Event, Abstract Design, Catalyst

East:- Ad Edge

North:- Digital Print & hub & Kreations Advertising

South:- Shristi Creations, Print Colours & Kshetra Advert


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