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The Collective cruises along a heavy-duty kinetic window

By Satarupa Chakraborty | April 17, 2019

The Collective’s Cruise Line Window features multiple kinetic elements and clever use of LED circuits.

Madura Fashion & Lifestyle’s luxury multi-brand retailing arm, The Collective, has recently executed a multipurpose kinetic window to promote their cruise collection. The window features multiple kinetic elements through a yacht, water waves and flying birds. The Collective has launched the premium and regular versions of the window – the former features all elements (executed one in each major city) and the latter features part elements of the main window.

The window used multiple kinetic technologies along with real time parts of yacht like beacon light antenna, driving handles etc along with wise use of LED circuits as enhancements. The window has been executed by Delhi-based HG Graphics.

Read the full report about the installation and the investments involved in it in the May, 2019 edition of VM&RD magazine.

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