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This camera can tell all about you as you shop!

By Retail4Growth Team | May 02, 2019

Two US retailers are reportedly testing cameras that can guess people's age, sex or mood to assess buying habits.

US retailerNews reports are talking about two US retailers who are testing out cameras that can guess people's age, sex or mood to determine their buying habits.

Reports cite the example of grocery chain Kroger which is testing cameras embedded in a price sign above shelves in two stores on the outskirts of Cincinnati and Seattle. Reportedly video screens attached to the shelves can play real-time ads and show discounts to shoppers.

The cameras guess a shopper's age and gender, but the information is anonymous and the data is not stored, the reports said quoting Kroger. The project has been initiated on a test basis.

The other example reported is of Drugstore chain Walgreens which has installed cooler doors with cameras and sensors at six locations including New York, San Francisco and Washington.

Instead of using usual clear glass doors that allow customers to see inside, the retailer has reportedly installed video screens that display ads along with the cooler's contents. These technologies, while offering competitive advantage to brick and mortar retailers, have also quite expectedly upped the concerns on privacy.

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