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Shaze's window message: Non-conformity is cool

By Satarupa Chakraborty | December 15, 2018

Shaze's new Christmas windows at the Delhi and Mumbai flagship stores are a celebration of the non-conformist idea of beauty.

Lifestyle brand Shaze has recently executed two different window schemes for its Delhi and Mumbai flagship stores with the VM theme bringing alive the brand’s philosophy of non-conformity.

The Delhi window, as part of its efforts to spread the festive cheer, opted for Circus as the central theme, wherein unusual colour palettes like maroon and gold were used, apart from the regular Christmas colours like red and white . Going forward with the “Glam Pop” theme, the window also represents iconic pop icons emerging from their halos. This window has been conceptualized and executed by Delhi-based VM agency, Few Steps Ahead.

Shaze’s Colaba store Mumbai window has been conceptualized by celebrity blogger Masoom Minawala and offers an ode to the non-conformist perspective on beauty. Titled “Flawsome”, the window showcases the brand’s new eclectic range of jewellery in unique gold display fixtures, which is a marked departure from perfect shapes.

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