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VM&RD Retail Design Awards 2018 : The Roadster Life Co. (Myntra Designs)

By VJ Media Works Team | April 11, 2018

Western Fashion Apparel – Specialty Store; Project : The Roadster Life Co. (Myntra Designs); Winner : Restore Design

Roadster’s first offline store, spread over approx 3000 sq ft,  radically re-thinks the nature of retail with an interactive and immersive customer experience. The retailspace is an emphatic statement in the world of experiential retail.

The Roadster store is the first of its kind in India, offering a customer experience like no other. The design mirrors a re-purposed garage which expresses the brand’s ethos of freedom. The customer experience is built with a strategic use of digital and non-digital interfaces, starting from a talking façade to technology which integrates product stories, virtual trips around the world, a selfie zone that projects on to the façade directly and screens strategically placed to aid purchase through an endless aisle.

Shopbuild main contractor : Storefit Projects Pvt Ltd

Lighting : Focus Lighting & Fixtures Ltd – Brand Plus






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