Tuesday, May 21, 2024


Mohit Manghani

Dharmendra Sharma

Head- Projects at Universal Sportsbiz Pvt Ltd

“Virtual trial rooms, digital screen and self-checkout kiosks can see change in spends” : Dharmendra Sharma

Deepak Chhabra

Managing Director, Tupperware India

'The spend in technology will increase' : Deepak Chhabra, Managing Director, Tupperware India

Payal Agarwal

Founder - Studio Pa-Arch

Less cumbersome, more affordable technology will be widespread : Payal Agarwal

Kabir Jeet Singh

CEO & CO-Founder at Burger Singh

‘Robust supply chain and automation is the need of the hour’

Abhishek Mahajan

Senior Manager – Retail, Aspire Systems

Identifying the right technologies is key for businesses : Abhishek Mahajan

“Time for malls to explore new ways of engagement” : Naviin Ibhrampurkar

Vikash Pacheriwal

CO-Founder of Raisin

Atmanirbhar: ‘Government support is mandatory at every level’ : Vikash Pacheriwal, CO-Founder, Raisin

Kuldeep Singh

Managing Director, San Frissco

Self-Reliant: Going local is a smart step taken by the government : Kuldeep Singh

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